Practice Areas


Landlord/tenant law is very technical and can be a difficult area to navigate as a result of its strict statutory deadlines. Whether you are initiating or defending an action, our office offers legal counsel and representation for residential & commercial unlawful detainer matters. Contact us to review the facts of your case to ensure the best possible result.

Workplace Investigations

When an employee makes a complaint, it  triggers an obligation on the part of the employer to investigate.  This obligation remains constant even if the employee does not specifically include any particular legal terms but includes sufficient allegations to raise a legal issue.  We work with employers to conduct prompt, efficient and independent workplace investigations of allegations of harassment, discrimination and other alleged employee misconduct.  

Criminal Defense

We offer criminal defense legal services exclusively to persons facing misdemeanor charges. We also offer assistance with the expungement process for misdemeanor arrests and convictions. Contact our office for more information.